Friday, February 13, 2015

I can barely even think what to write because I am on such a sugar overdose!  It is always great seeing so many family members on campus.  Thank you all for all the goodies.  Not sure how many bowls of ice cream and pieces of candy I had today.

But it was a great way to celebrate a week of testing.  Not only did all the 4th and 5th graders take part in round one of MOY II testing, but even the primary students have been given their MOY reading assessments.  For those having conferences with teachers on Monday, make sure you ask how your child did on their MOY tests.

I did want to brag on some of our students in Mrs. Perteka's class. They noticed how the play ground has had an influx of trash, so they started a trash pick-up team.  It makes me proud when students see a need and device a plan to help resolve it.  Way to go!

Monday is a student holiday and a parent conference day for teachers.  These conferences are not mandatory unless the teacher has a concern about a child.  However, if you would like to meet with your child's teacher, just let them know.  

We are in count down mood for the OHE Carnival.  I saw volunteers out all day selling tickets.  Remember they are cheaper now then on that day.  We are also still in need of items for that day.  What each grade is expected to bring is on the school website, along with times to sign-up to work.  Please check out the site.  

Last day for Box Tops is Tuesday.  As of right now, 4th grade is in first place.  

Have a great Valentine Weekend and see you next week.