Friday, October 24, 2014

It is important for everyone to know how important the elections are this November.  Not only will a new governor and city mayor be elected, but there are 5 openings on the AISD School Board.  For those that might not think this is important, this new school board begins immediately. Therefore the new school board will select our new Superintendent as well as approve the new district budget.  Both of these items could have huge impacts for us all. Early voting has begun and runs through October.  We are even posting "I voted" pictures on our Facebook Page.  

There are so many awesome things happening here at OHE that I need help in bragging about them all.  In an effort to make sure all these wonderful things on campus receive a "Shout-Out" a section has been added to the OHE website.  Students, Staff, and parents can now give someone a kudos.   All you need to do is go to the OHE website, click on the "Shout-Out" button and write your message.  Then an email will come to me and the person you wish to send it too.  A running lists of brags will kept on the webpage.  Enjoy bragging about the wonderful things you see here at OHE.

Over the years, the OHE Gardening Club has received several grants that have helped to support the landscape of our school.  They are being featured on KLRU.  Please visit their website to learn more about our program.

 Our 1st graders did a wonderful job with their fall musical.
Third graders this week learned about the different types of matter through a hands-on experiment with pancakes!  Yum!

Author Christopher Espinosa and his robot dog Rocket Megabyte visited Oak Hill on Wednesday. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders received numerous writing tips on how to make any of their ideas become strong stories. He demonstrated how to start with a  good hook at the beginning, change boring details into stronger more specific details that paint a picture in the readers' minds, and to end with a bang. He left us with the thought - "If you think it, you can ink it!" Hopefully we will see many of our young authors put this tip to use.  His Texas Adventure book can still be purchased online at Sky Rocket Press (or email Ms. Underwood for specific details).

In our typical OHE fashion, with tons of things going on this week, we ended it with Fun Field Day. 

This morning in assembly we were reminded about Red Ribbon Week next week.  Check a previous eblast to learn how to dress each day.  Next week our 5th graders also begin their annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF service project.  So if your child(ren) start asking for change to bring to school, you will know why.  

We are also looking forward to award-winning author / storyteller Joe Hayes' visit to OHE Monday! And don't forget to take the family to the Texas Book Festival down on capitol grounds this Saturday and Sunday.  Lots of authors, storytellers, crafts, and food for the whole family. Enjoy!