Friday, September 12, 2014

Things seemed to have settled down this week.  Students are adjusting to the new routines and procedures, as well as the staff.  As I walk classrooms, I see lots of learning happening, especially with writing.  I think I have seen students writing in all content areas.  

If you are curious about what your child(ren) are specifically learning in school, most of the teachers have websites, blogs, or emails that identify the skills.  Uncertain if your teacher has a site, go to  Under the Faculty tab is a link for each teacher.  Some teachers still have their sites "under construction" so please be patient.  Just keep checking back.  

The 5th grade students have begun their "jobs".  Each class has a different week with responsibilities like Kinder Walker, Main Building Greeter, Annex Greeter, Honor Guard, and Recycler.   The positions really help so please be respectful of their presence.  

We celebrated MVP CATCH today by dressing up as our favorite sports.  

Did you know that we have 5 sets of twins in Kindergarten?  Isn't that interesting.  Any idea how many sets of multiples we have on campus?  I think you would be really surprised.

Beginning of the benchmarks have begun.  1st and 2nd graders are being assessed in reading and math.  This data will be available soon.  At my next Principals' Coffee,  I will identify what assessments we give and what you should know about the results.  This should be useful information as you go into parent conferences in October.  

This is just a reminder.  If you ever need a meeting translated, pleases send me an email at least a week in advance.  That way I can request an interrupter.

Looks like there should be lots of rain this weekend.  Stay dry and see you Monday.