Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome back OHE Eagles!  Hopefully everyone had a great summer and spent their time away from school having fun.  It has been a busy summer here at OHE.  With Extend-a-Care on campus daily and teachers hosting summer camps, there were always students around the campus.  The staff and I spent the past few days together preparing for the upcoming year.  As many of you have heard on the news, OHE was one of only 11 AISD schools to receive all three distinctions for TEA based on our STAAR scores.  We are very excited and proud of the students.   

It was great seeing everyone at Meet the Teacher.  The students were so excited to meet their teachers and put their school supplies in the rooms.  There are lots of people I need to thank that helped make the event happen.  First, obviously is the teachers.  Many came in weeks early or stayed late into the night so that their rooms would be ready.  Second, are parents.  Mrs. Kane came up and decorated all the hallway bulletin boards.  Mrs. Sendera organized the workroom.  Tons of parents came up weekly to water the flowers and feed the chickens.  Mrs. Reaves brought breakfast one day, which was donated by Shane Moe.   Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Cantu, Mrs. Castaneda, Mrs. Sendera, Mrs. King, Mrs. Latimer, Mrs. Ivie, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Suggs, to name a few, opened all the school supplies and organized them for distribution.   For all the others who helped and I didn’t mention, I apologize.  It takes so many volunteers to help get the school year off to a good start.  Please know that OHE appreciates all the support.  

Have a great last weekend before school starts and we will see you early Monday morning.