Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome Back! I hope that you had a wonderful vacation. Mine was great, and I came back in one piece from my skiing trip - just a little sore still.

Even though it was a short week, it quickly returned to normal around here and lots of rigorous teaching and learning took place.

There are several events happening in January. The first one is tomorrow and it is our Fun Run. It was lots of fun watching our teachers this morning tell the students about the event. I hope to see all of you with your running shoes on at the track.

We also have our annual Applebee's Pancake Breakfast on the 21st. When teachers serve you breakfast, the students always want to come.

And don't forget my Principal's Coffee the last Wednesday of the month. This is a great time to ask school related questions and learn more about OHE.

Lastly, we are always looking for reading volunteers. OHE has 2 parent/volunteer run reading programs in the morning. The more volunteers we have the more students we can serve. Below is Mrs. Zierer tutoring one of our students. She also helps organize the program. If you are interested, please let me know.