Friday, October 21, 2011

On Wednesday this week, Jose-Luis Orozco a bilingual author, visited the campus.  Our students are fond of his books, De Colores, Diez Deditos — Ten Little Fingers, and Fiestas.  Sr. Orozco had our students and staff dancing. 

It has been a wonderful opportunity this week having two authors visit our campus. 

 Thursday evening the Austin City Council recognized Oak Hill as a "Partners in the Arts and Humanties". We received the award because of our partnership with the Dougherty Arts Program and Creativity Club. Stop by my office if you would like to see the certificate and award.

Today was the Student Council's first spirit day.  There were twins everywhere. 

 Teachers even got in the act.  Below is Ms. Atkinson and Ms. Dillon.
 What a 5th grade extended team!  Always ready for some fun.

 They look like twins but they are our 1st grade triplets!
 Ian and Ryan aren't twins but brothers.  Maybe one of these days I'll remember which is which.