Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Monday, I participated in Reunion Ranch with the 5th graders.  I figured pictures would explain better than my words......
 Kyla and Desiree were my Putt Putt Golf buddies and decided to take a break on the paddle boats.
 Lunch for champions, hot dogs and beans.

 This is a maze the students could play in.
 A little bit of shade.
 The beach area where you get in the paddle boats.
 Nathan on the obstacle course.  Great action shot.
 Parents against kids in a kick ball game.  Score.... Parents 19 kids 9!  Yea parents!
Mrs. Wiley and Ms. Osio taking a break.
 Higher Dad, higher!
 Who won?
 Ms. Osio encouraging a parent to climb the ladder.
 Parents needed a break as well.
 Another playscape.
 Under the pavilion, fans had mist spraying out of them. 
 View of the paddle boats.
 Thought I had heard students crying but it was the neighboring donkeys.
 Putt Putt Golf course.  Boy was this difficult.
 Even with all the fun activities, unlimited sodas was the favorite. 
 Round of basketball anyone....
 The Zip Line was a definite favorite among students and parents.
Reunion Ranch is a wonderful place where 5th graders celebrate the end of the elementary career.  It is a relaxing atmosphere and students are allowed to move about the place choosing activities of their interests.