Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival this past Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Palmer Events Center.  Our Eagles excelled at this competition. The following is a list of our students and what they earned at the regional science fair: 

Student Name Place Grade Level Name of Project    
Shannon R 2nd 5 Crazy Colors
Mia M 1st 5 Flower Power
Claire P 1st 5 Bubble Mixture Test
Samuel M 2nd 3 Winging It
Sarah L 1st 3 The effect of soil types on the growth of radishes
Wesley E 2nd 5 Poppin' Corn
Terra E 2nd 3 Empty vs. Full
Amber W 2nd 3 All About Chickens
Ian B 2nd 1 How Fire Uses Air to Burn
Ryan B 2nd 2 Angle Shooter
Ian J 2nd 4 Should You Let Your Plants Drink Sodas?
Jace B 2nd 4 The Great Guacamole
Keller K 2nd 4 What a Cat Wants

Congratulations to all our students!