Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OHE Families,

As many of you have witnessed, the district has used the "School Messenger" system to notify parents of important situations related to district, recently the close of school last week.  If you have not received these notifications or would rather a different phone number be used, please let the our front office know so we can make the change in the system.  School Messenger can also be used at the local campus level.  Today, I used it to call 1st grade parents to inform them the field trip had been canceled due to the weather. 

Since school was canceled last Friday, the student council costume day has been rescheduled for this Friday.  Also on Friday, Chick-fil-A will be on campus early distributing their new spicy chicken biscuit sandwich.  Come and enjoy. 

Need costume ideas?  Mrs. Phillips' 4th grade class created newspaper costumes thanking our newspaper adopter.  The class uses the Austin American Statesmen in multiple ways: research, math problem solving, writing, and fun etc.