Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome Back!

The 2011 has started smoothly.  It was great to see all the students back and it appeared most were excited to return and share what they did over the holidays.  There were only a few tears (and those were from teachers).

Today students will be bringing report cards home. After some confusion the first nine weeks about which rewards students were to receive, we have decided on the following:  
Attendance Ribbons                                        
(Zero Absences)                                
PK - 5th grade                                                                        
Citizenship Ribbons                                        
(4s on the personal development side of report card)
1st - 5th grade        
(All As or 4s)
1st - 5th grades

Many of you have already seen the new lanes for morning drop off in the back parking lot.  This will start officially Monday.  At the back gate along the sidewalk, there will be 5th grade greeters helping students.  Cones will be placed at the first entrance (where the buses enter) blocking this as an entrance therefore the second opening will be both an entrance and exit.  All of the other drop offs (front circle drive and annex) will remain the same.  This is just an additional place to drop off students in the morning.

Also this week for some 3rd - 5th grade parents, permission slips for tutoring are being sent home.  We are offering tutoring classes for any student who is not performing satisfactory on the MOY benchmark test given in December.  Some of the tutoring classes are during the day and some are after school.  If you do not receive a letter, your child performed well on the MOY benchmarks.  If you would like to know how your child did, please contact the teacher.  

The student council has created a "Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey" day for Friday.  So lets all celebrate our favorite team.

Friday is also my Principal's Coffee.  Hope to see you there.